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A professional corporation founded over 50 years ago by Donald D. Meisel, P.E. The corporation was founded to provide full engineering, surveying and material testing and inspection services to the development and construction industry. Over the years the corporation developed with the industry, providing professional services to both the private and public sectors.

In 2000, the corporation was re-organized by Mr. Donald Meisel, P.E., Walter R. Livingston, Jr FAIA and Joseph Mulvihill, P.E. The corporation continued to grow with offices located in the Philadelphia area and Levittown. In 2012, Mr. Mulvihill, P.E. who had worked for and with Mr. Meisel and Mr. Livingston for over 20 years, further expanded the legacy of Mr. Donald Meisel, P.E., and Walter R. Livingston, Jr. FAIA who left their mark on Engineering and Architecture.

Over the fifty years, technology has changed extensively in all industries. Ambric’s ability to adjust to such changes and provide un-comparable services makes it one of the most recognized consulting corporations in the tri-state area.


Ambric Technology Corporation provides unparalleled engineering services to all branches of the development and construction industry. Our well-established professional staff has extensive capabilities, which enables us to handle any engineering and surveying projects smoothly, from concept to completion.

Ambric Technology Corporation’s professional staff has performed numerous types of inspection services, within the private sector, and for local state and federal projects.

Ambric Technology Corporation's professional staff has an extensive range of experience including work done both nationally and internationally. We approach all projects in a straightforward and logical manner to produce optimum engineering results. The lines of communication are always open to ensure that you, our client, are aware of the project status at all times.

Ambric Technology Corporation maintains a highly qualified staff of licensed degreed professionals and technicians with expertise in a wide variety of disciplines coordinated by a skilled and efficient support team. The high standard of performance and professional ethics of our staff assures our clients of accuracy through scientific testing and sound engineering judgement.


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