Ambric Technology Corporation

Material Test & Inspect.


Ambric’s professional engineering staff has performed numerous types of engineering inspection services throughout the east coast region. 

Ambric bases its ability to service our client on previous experience of similar projects.  Ambric personnel have performed such services for the private and public sector, successfully. 

ü       Soil: Fill,  Compaction


ü      Soil Bearing Test Shallow Conventional Foundations


ü      Deep Foundations:  Load Testing and Installation Inspection


ü       Concrete Testing and Inspection


ü       Reinforcing Steel Inspection


ü       Fireproofing Testing and Inspection


ü       Masonry Testing and Inspection


ü      Structural Steel Testing and Inspection On Site


ü       Pre-Cast Manufacturing


ü       Steel Fabrication Plant


ü      Hardened Concrete: Coring, Windsor Probes, Swiss Hammer, R-Meter


ü       Soil Percolation/ Infiltration Rates

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