Ambric Technology Corporation

Site Planning & Design

Environmental: Phase I and Phase II Environmental Studies

Survey: Property and site Survey to develop existing condition base plan

Planning: Develop a conceptual plan of the proposed development, superimposed onto the Base Plan

Consulting: Meet and review preliminary development plans with local agencies/authorities, City, Township, County and State, as necessary.

Field Testing: Perform the necessary Field Testing to accommodate the civil design, i.e. Infiltration Testing, Percolation Testing, Test Borings, etc.

Civil Design: Perform full Site Civil Development Plans including Sediment and Erosion Control, Storm Water Management Plans, etc.

Geotechnical: As part of the design team, Ambric performs geotechnical engineering services consisting of Soil Borings, Rock Coring, Geophysical, etc. in order to determine the most suitable and economical foundation system to support the proposed development

Consulting & Construction

Consulting: After project document approval, Ambric consults with the owner/developer/contractor prior to and during the development of the project.

Survey: Layout of the proposed development for conformance with design drawings

Material Testing and Inspection:  During construction Ambric can perform a full service material testing and inspecion program


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